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Benefiting the Public Sector Through Knowledge and Innovation

The Internal Audit Network (TIAN) is a professional network of NHS based internal audit providers, bringing together collective thinking to add greater value to our clients. TIAN is a membership network with a unique understanding and insight of the public sector, working with an NHS ethos aligned to public sector values. Our collective positioning across England and strong NHS client base continues to support valuable benchmarking and sharing of best practice.

On national and emerging issues, TIAN provides a vehicle to coordinate and channel professional opinion, working with key stakeholders to influence and engage on a national footprint. TIAN facilitates collaboration between providers and covers all aspects of  internal audit including a wide range of associated specialist services such as anti fraud, governance, assurance, security and risk management.

With approximately 400 full time staff and access to a range of external individual contractors TIAN has Unrivalled levels of public sector experience and expertise.  Our approach ensures:

  • Provision of independent and objective assurance and consultancy services which are carefully aligned to ensure client organisations achieve their business objectives.
  • The effective and comprehensive identification of risks and opportunities within client organisations.
  • An ability to effectively communicate service outcomes, findings and recommendations.
  • Implementation of effective internal control and good practice.
  • Rapid access to our professional skills and competencies in undertaking high quality and rigorous assurance and consultancy work.
  • The intimate and expert knowledge associated with an in-house department AND the capacity and breadth of capability usually associated with large external agency providers.

To ensure the provision of effective and current services TIAN members utilise internal performance management to ensure both staff and contractors are aware of their objectives and deliverables.  Comprehensive training and accreditation programmes ensure our teams provide cutting edge services and are aware of the latest trends, working practices and technologies.

We recognise that our staff are a considerable strength and we therefore promote internal career progression and role development to ensure retainment of key resources.  Our comprehensive range of staff experience levels and skill sets facilitates alignment with even the most demanding client requirements.

TIAN consists of 14 member organisations:

  • 360 Assurance (website)
  • Audit One (website)
  • Audit South West (website)
  • CW Audit Service (website)
  • East Coast Audit Consortium (website)
  • Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust Internal Audit Team (website)
  • Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Internal Audit Team (website)
  • London Audit Consortium (website)
  • Mersey Internal Audit Agency (website)
  • North Yorkshire Audit Services (website)
  • Northern Internal Audit and Fraud Service (website)
  • Sunderland Internal Audit Services (website)
  • West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust - Assurance Division (website)
  • West Yorkshire Audit Consortium

We provide a range of services throughout the United Kingdom including:

  • Consultancy
  • Counter Fraud
  • Internal Audit and Assurance
  • IM&T Audit
  • Security Management
  • Specialist IT Services (such as Forensic Investigation and Penetration Testing)

Last updated: 9th July 2015